Frequently Asked Questions for Dog Daycare


Are you specific as to the breeds of dogs that you take?

This is important especially if you have a rare breed of dog that requires special care. If this is the case you should have the manager of the dog daycare centre look at your dog and assess whether or not it will receive the proper attention. Make sure that you meet the person who will be in charge of primary care.

What is the minimum age for dog day care?

If your pet is very young or very old they may require special care that they may not be able to receive in a busy environment like a dog daycare center. Most kennels are able to accept dogs that are 12 weeks or older. For older dogs they will need to know the medical condition of the dog and whether it needs any special treatments.

How will you feed and water my pet?

This is one of the primary concerns for people who are leaving their dogs in a daycare center for the first time. If you choose a kennel with experienced staffers they will tell you that your dog will not change its eating habits – they will stick to the same schedule that you use at home. If you notice that your dog drinks or eats a lot when you get home in the first few days it is only because she is happy to be back, not because she is hungry or thirsty.

How much exercise does my dog get?

The last thing you want is to place your dog in a daycare center where she will be penned all day. A good dog daycare will ensure that all dogs get some exercise. Younger dogs will be allowed to play most of the time, while older ones will be given an hour or two of exercise each day.

Can my dog get ill from other dogs?

Dogs can get sick at any time so you shouldn’t worry so much about this. There is a chance that if another dog comes with an infectious illness it will be passed on to the others. The staffers at the dog care center should be vigilant and inform you if they are concerned. They may bring their own vey to look at all the dogs, or they may ask you to see your own vet.

What if my dog isn’t happy?

This is another concern for people who are new to dog day care. It is not unusual for dogs to have a bit of a rough patch in the beginning – it is a new environment and there are more animals than they are used to. Most dogs will settle down and begin to love the experience in a few days. If, however, your dog hasn’t adjusted in a few weeks it may be time to take them to a different dog day care that is better suited to their needs.