Get the Best Dry Food for your Doggo


If you are ready to provide only dry food to your dog, for whatever be the reason, then what food you are choosing does not really matter. There is hardly any difference between the several branded dry foods that are available in the market. Take a look at the tips that you can accommodate while choosing dry foods in order to groom your dog.

Top tips for choosing dry foods

  • Avoid all wheat-based dry foods

Wheat is considered as one of the worst components that can be very harmful for your dog’s growth. It is an antigen that is sensitive to dogs. Dogs do not have the capability to digest wheat. Ultimately, everything they swallow will be vomited out. The dog will suffer from arthritis, or gut conditions or malabsorption.

  • How much meat are you actually getting?

Most of you think that wheat is the number one and only ingredient that gives dogs an added energy. Now, remember that if the meat goes inside the dog, know that the next three to four cheap filler components going inside the dog are dry. So, a good trick is to limit the amount of meat and increase cereal product more into the diet.

  • Avoid animal by-products

Take an example of chicken by product. This means the bits and pieces of the chicken are taken after its thighs, wings and the solid meat has been taken off. Therefore, it is for sure that some high quality bits like liver, heart, gizzards and related other organs of the chicken are included into the diet of your dog. But, what you forget most often is that this non-meat food constituent may contain some hazardous things that you need to avoid.

  • Include high protein content

Protein is vital not only for humans but also for the better living and for the pet dogs’ healthy lifestyle. Stuffing the diet of your dog only with protein is not enough. It may lead your dog to gain unnecessary weight as well as make him a couch potato. That’s something that you do not desire! The best way to make your dog healthy is to make a mixed diet. The diet should be a mixture of both vegetables as well as meat in the right proportions.


Therefore, only dry food for your dog is not enough. If you want your dog to make your day, feed him healthy.